My face

You may have found this site because you are seeking support with things you find difficult to talk about. This website will give you an overview of the services I can offer.

What I Can Offer
I support individuals to identify and embody distressing or confusing thoughts and feelings through the art-making process in order to make sense of the challenges they face. We may explore early-life experiences, trauma & significant life events, interpersonal & relationship challenges, your identity & self-concept – in relation to your hopes, desires and unique life situation. I utilise conscious and unconscious processes in a safe contained environment; empowering individuals to move forward with their lives with greater meaning and deeper understanding.

My Approach
My clinical work is primarily psychodynamic, informed by attachment theory and mentalization-based therapy. I am experienced in working with a wide range of materials and techniques within my practice, including painting, clay-work, inks, oil and chalk pastels, the use of ‘found objects’, working reflexively utilising both directive and non-directive approaches. Through developing a secure therapeutic relationship clients can embody distressing thoughts and feelings, and begin to illuminate and identify unconscious processes through the art-making, looking together at symbols, archetypes and material-use in relation to their story.